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In recent days I’ve been reading articles, white papers, and books on the past, present, and future trends in cell synthesis, Immuno-Oncology, and in-vitro fertilization. I’m not a very technical person but I got curious after reading the phrase “Cell Creates Cell” in the book ‘The Song of The Cell’ by Siddhartha Mukherjee who is a famous oncologist. I’m a person who has adopted investing as my lens, as the famous saying goes “A man with a hammer see’s everything as Nail”. I look for investment opportunities everywhere I go.

The main purpose of writing this content is to bridge the gap between our medical community and formal Investing because recently while talking to my friends who are doctors, I figured out that doctors are the most affected people when it comes to malpractices in the field of investments. Banks’ Relationship Managers mis-sell them schemes or funds for their own benefit and not for the doctors’ long-term wealth creation benefit. I genuinely have a lot of respect for doctors because they are considered to be next to god, the person who saves lives, and I think that doctors should be the last person to get cheated or misguided on the finance and investing front.

Immuno-oncology has been a major research in the treatment of cancer without the harsh side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, or any lengthy surgery. It empowers our own T-Cells (Solidires) & APCs (Patrollers) (Antigen Presenting Cells) to fight against cancer cells.

To make it simple, you can put it this way. When the immune system is informed by APCs about suspicious cells, it directs T Cells to destroy abnormal cells and most likely prevents or curbs the growth of many cancers. For instance, immune cells are sometimes found in and around tumors. These cells, called tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes or TILs, are a sign that the immune system is responding to the tumor. Am I right, doctors? So when you take Immuno-Oncology drugs it basically injects Check-point inhibitor drugs by blocking checkpoint proteins from binding with their partner proteins. This prevents the “off” signal

from being sent, allowing the T cells to kill cancer cells.

The rules are the same for each and every field, every discipline, and every philosophy, just the jargon is different. Just Like “Cell Creates Cell '' which happens through reproduction and you better understand cell synthesis than I do. Similarly in finance “Money Creates Money” through compounding. There is no doubt why people call compounding the 8th wonder. Especially commerce people will get a gist of this because of their background but it's not that hard. You doctors spend an average of 90,000 hours of your life treating patients. Why can’t you spend an hour every week treating your finances? It's equally important!

Though sometimes it is hard to compound and grow your wealth at the pace you desire to meet your financial goals, that is only because of the wrong advice you received or steps taken without proper knowledge, as it is said that things done without a basic knowledge or proper checklist have a high probability of going wrong and becoming a disaster. I know doctors who have lost a lot of money investing in the wrong asset classes, wrong schemes, and wrong funds.

Just like check-point inhibitor drugs are responsible for when to start and when to stop the growth and responsiveness of T-Cells, similarly, the right Asset Manager or Financial Consultant is necessary for your financial well-being and Financial growth. Bad financial decisions are like cancer cells to your wealth, they should be eradicated as soon as possible to save your wealth from getting destroyed. Your corpus is the T-Cells that are responsible for your financial immunity. With the help of the right Fund Managers (Check-point inhibitors drugs), your corpus will be best allocated to generate the best possible return.

At Axanoun, we have a lot of similarities with doctors. We have a protocol for diagnosis of companies before we invest and that helps us grow our investors' money at a rate better than the industry! Our company is based on the core value of “Premium non Nocere '' which means first do no harm, similarly, at Axanoun, we believe that wealth destruction should be prevented first and then a journey of wealth creation should begin.

The only reason I compared immuno-Oncology is because of the success rate, lower side effects, and public awareness that is growing for the treatment so the awareness & better returns with the help of the right Asset Managers. It's a matter of trust, safety, and growth. At Axanoun Investment Management, we take all decisions keeping our investors in mind, for their wealth creation goals and for them to have a peaceful sleep at night after working for long hours in their hospitals or clinics without worrying about their investments.

A very famous saying by Francois - Vincent Raspail M.D a French chemist, naturalist, physician, physiologist, attorney, and socialist politician is known for his study in sepsis and cellular biology. “Give me an organic vesicle {cell} endowed with life & I will give you back the whole of the organized world”

Similarly in Investing we believe, give us the corpus with patience, your trust, and corpus stability and we can give you back the whole compounded sum which is way beyond our imagination. For proper growth of cells in the body, it needs the right environment similarly in finance, your wealth could grow at a rate better than others with the supervision of the right asset managers.


Mrunal Shah

Axanoun Investment Management

Growth | Compound | Prosper

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