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We are a young company at heart with experience of more than decades. We are a firm believer in investing in tangible growth opportunities. We believe in a Prudent style of investing which helps us sail through any adverse situation smoothly.


What makes us different is our team and the process we believe in. At Axanoun, we don't believe in quantity but in quality, our current investments are only exposed to the company which has high growth potential and yet not recognized in their real value.

We look for High growth companies which are not yet up to their real value and are undervalued. We aim to buy a company that is worth 1$ at 60 cents that is where we create value and return for our investors. 


Mr. Ramesh Vaghasia is a commerce and law graduate and a practicing tax lawyer since 1991. He is a member of the Bar Council Of Gujarat, India. One of his idiosyncrasies is his interest towards businesses and investments which led him to study deeper in the field and practice as a Business Consultant and an Investment Advisor for more than 30 years now.


He is the Founder and CMD of R. Vaghasia Associates, a Tax & Business Consultancy Firm; R. Vaghasia Management Pvt. Ltd., a Commercial Management Consultancy Company. He is also the Chairman of Dholera Realty (India) Pvt. Ltd, dealing in real estate.


Due to the business acumen and leadership skills possessed by him, he has held and continues to hold various positions in several respectable organizations including the post of Vice President in The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (2022-23). He was also the Chairman of All Gujarat Federation Of Tax Consultants (South Gujarat Region) and is actively associated with the organization.



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Mr. Balkrushna Vaghasia is an Associate member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He graduated from SPB English Medium College of Commerce, Surat.

He practiced as a Business and Tax Consultant at R. Vaghasia group for 4 years. He has been working in Finance and  Investment industry for the last couple of years. Due to his work experience in the industry and a curious nature, he has gained comprehensive knowledge about businesses.

He is the Founder and Fund Manager of the company. He is responsible for the overall operations particularly devising strategies for portfolio formation and management and leading the research team.

He is an avid reader and savors various genres, some of which are Finance, Economics, Behavioral Science and Biographies.

CEO, Fund Manager

Mr. Mrunal Shah has graduated from University of Mumbai and also has a degree certificate of Bachelors in Management and Entrepreneurship from ISME, School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Mumbai. 

He is engaged with Investments since he was 15. His passion for investments paved his way to work in several AMC's from a very young age. He has gathered a very deep knowledge about Value Investing and Wealth Compounding as a result of rigorous reading into the subjects.

He is the Co-Founder of the company. He is a major contributor to the Research Team which is involved in spotting new investment opportunities. He also spearheads the IT Operations.

He is a voracious reader. Among his many interests, Finance, Philosophy, Behavioral Economics and Science and Technology are his frequents. 

CIO, Fund Manager

Abhishek SHAH
Partner, Wealth manager (CFP-USA & CFGP)

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Abhishek is a Financial Freedom Coach, A Keynote Speaker/Educator, and An Author. Abhishek is a partner at Axanoun Investment Services - a Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm. He has over 19 years+ of experience in the Financial Services Industry.


He is passionate about helping people to
understand the concept of financial freedom, wealth creation, and preservation of wealth.
Abhishek has the aim of helping individual and corporate clients to make informed and correct
investment decisions.


After teaming up with him, Axanoun ventured into various financial products like Equity, Mutual Funds, Life insurance, NPS, FD, Bonds, Equity, PMS & AIF and He is passionate about using simplified financial planning for the people he works with.

His passion lies in educating and enlightening people about the importance of effective wealth
management and he firmly believes in creating and nurturing wealthy habits in his investors, which transformed many ordinary investors into successful investors.

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